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How TCC Started

How TCC Started
Hi there!
My name is Marlinie. In “real life”, I’m in finance. That’s my bread and butter, so to speak. But, my real passion is fashion. And travel. And food. Shoes. I love shoes. OK, I have a passion for the good things in life!
My fashion passion dates back a long time. But, I can finally share my passion - and my knack for snagging great deals - with others.
Introducing, The Curated Closet. I will be offering samples, refusals and overstock from your favorite designers and departments stores. All brand new. The only difference? The price! You’ll save a ton buying at TCC!
You will see a lot of dresses in my store. Because I love dresses. My co-workers and friends think it’s because I’m “girly”. And, I am. But that’s not why I love dresses…it’s because I’m lazy. Dresses are an easy way to look put together without a lot of effort, IMO.
I also offer a “girls nights”. If you have a party of 4 or more and want to shop - you may! You’ll have the store to yourselves , and I’ll provide music & refreshments.
I also host and attend events & pop-ups. Watch for our latest events which will be posted on our Facebook calendar and on the website.
I hope you enjoy your visit to The Curated Closet, and please return. Feedback also always appreciated.

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