Introducing...the WTF Fashion Files!

Introducing...the WTF Fashion Files!

We've all been there...innocently scrolling on social media, when we become unwitting witnesses to major crimes. 

Crimes of FASHION, that is!

Marni and I have been DMing each other fashion faux pas photos for YEARS now just to make one another laugh. Recently, I started calling them our "WTF Fashion Files (WTF standing for "What the Fudge, because we are classy ladies...lol)", and Marni responded with "Oh! Make this a series! People will love it!" 

So here we are--once a week on our FB and IG, we will be featuring some of our favorite "What in the world of fashion is going on here?!?!" moments. As someone who is no stranger to walking a runway, these make me laugh even harder because...yeah. Models just wear whatever we are told to wear, whenever. Maybe that's why they put so much makeup on us, to hide the inner turmoil and deep questioning of previous life choices flashing in our eyes. 


Here's a little introduction of some of the "fashion" that had us giggling like crazy this week:


Introducing...the WTF Fashion Files!

Dryer Lint...but make it fashion


Introducing...the WTF Fashion Files!

Your Toddler's Artwork...but make it fashion


Introducing...the WTF Fashion Files!

Hole-y Underwear with a Dash of Sofa Cushion Couture


Introducing...the WTF Fashion Files!

Your Backyard Fence...but make it fashion

See something that belongs in the gallery? Tag us on IG or shoot us a DM with the photo you think should be included, or hashtag #wtffashionfiles. We'll feature your fabulously funny find, and you might receive a cool discount code :)

Until next time--stay stylish!



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