Essential Shoes: What Pairs You Need in Your Closet

Essential Shoes: What Pairs You Need in Your Closet

 Anyone who knows Marni and me knows one thing: we LOVE shoes. 

Like...we really love shoes. 

Just me, rocking my favorite pair of red stilettos during a recent bridal shoot (Photo credit: Kristen Mak Photography)


I'm super excited about today's blog post, because I'm going to walk you through what I consider to be "The Essentials" when it comes to shoes: the pairs that, in my opinion, every woman needs to have in her closet!


Comfy Sneakers

Yes, yes, I know--SHOCKING for me to be posting that sneakers are an essential (people who know me only see me in them if I'm taking my dog for a walk or my kiddo to the park). But even if you are a heel lover like me, don't underestimate the importance of a great pair of sneakers--you need them for more than you think. Whether it's for a workout class or a run in the neighborhood with your dog, or simply to have on hand if your feet hurt, you absolutely need a very comfy pair (this is not an area where you can splurge on quality). 


Pointed-Toe Stilettos

I've always been a platform stiletto type of gal, but I've recently come around to seeing the classic elegance of a pair of pointy-toed stilettos without a platform. These essential shoes are excellent choices for more formal occasions when you want to create an ultra-feminine silhouette--occasions such as an important business meeting, or a cocktail party. Just be aware--without the support of the platform, they WILL hurt your feet more quickly, so maybe pack your pair of ballet flats for wear later in the evening. 


Platform Stilettos

Some people disagree with me on this, but I personally can't think of a better or classier work shoe than a stiletto with a hidden platform. The platform is essential for keeping your feet comfortable despite the height of the heel, and the silhouette of the shoe is utterly classy when paired with your favorite suits. My advice is to make sure you have a pair of this type of stiletto in BOTH black and a nude that matches your skin tone--trust me. You won't believe how much wear you get out of them, because they will go with everything, for everything. 


Ballet Flats

While I always prefer to rock a pair of heels, there's no denying that just calls for flats. They can look classy if you have to wear them for work, and yet they still work comfortably for times where you know you are going to be chasing little ones all over the place or for when you are traveling.



Ah, wedges. Personally, I can't think of a better Summer shoe--you get some great height (admittedly, this photo shoes VERY high ones...), while still being able to walk (carefully) on grass. A perfect choice for hot weather days where you have to dress up (think: Summer weddings), a pair of wedges are an essential to have in your closet that you might not even realize is such an essential until you need them. 


High-Rise Boots

Take it from this Fall-loving girl: A great pair of boots (especially knee-high or over-the-knee ones, like these ones from a Fall shoot with Leviticus Fashions) are a cold-weather staple for your closet. Boots pair beautifully with jeans, leggings, sweaters, dresses...a.k.a. everything you will wear from October-March, at least. I highly recommend having two pairs of boots that either nearly hit the knee, or are over the knee: ones with a flat or less than 3" heel, and ones that feature a stiletto heel for dressier occasions. 



When it comes to flip flops, the cheaper the better! These foam babies are easy to slide on to do everything from letting the dog out to spending a day at the beach/on the boardwalk in easy, breezy comfort, but I promise: you definitely need at least one pair of these for the Summer.


Rain Boots

Rain boots, like this classic Hunter pair in a fun color, are an absolute necessity (trust me, I know: my cheap pair split open when I was least expecting it). Cute enough to wear out and about on a rainy day while still protecting your more expensive shoes, you will want to invest in a pair that will last. 


A Pair of "Party" Shoes

Whether you choose a stiletto, platform, wedge, or flat style: Every woman needs a pair of "fun" shoes in her closet for parties. These shoes should express your personality in the best and most fun way--for me personally, that looks like an ultra-high heel and sparkles; for others, it might look more like bright, funky colors and a Y2K heel. 


There you have it, Folks! My guide to what I consider the absolute "essentials" for your shoe closet...and that reminds me...I have some shopping to do for my own :) 


Until next small, y'all!






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