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Halloween at Home: How to Have an Amazing Halloween During the Pandemic

Halloween at Home: How to Have an Amazing Halloween During the Pandemic

Image: The Home Depot
In a twist that might have come straight out of your favorite scary movie (cue ominous Ghostface voice), Halloween 2020 is going to be celebrated while our country is still firmly in the grips of a global pandemic. can you celebrate spooky season in style, while still being safe? 
Never fear, your favorite Basic Fall-Loving Chick from TCC is here to spam you with creative ideas to safely bring the fun for adults and kids (and adults WITH kids) alike!
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Halloween 2020: The One with the Pandemic 
1. Go all-out decorating your house
If people can't actually come IN your house this year, make sure the outside gives them something to remember! There are some fantastic ideas out there--from the couple in Riverside California who actually had 911 called on them because their decorations so convincingly made their house look like it was on fire (see below), to my college besties turning their garage into Frankenstein's lab, complete with actors (us) and fog machines! The sky's the limit (and let's be real, you have the time) so get crazy!
Photo credit: Riverside County Media
Photo credit: Riverside County Media
2. Host a socially-distanced outdoor party
For adults: If we have to wear masks right now (#maskup), why not turn it into a whole theme--think a Phantom of the Opera style masquerade party! If the weather cooperates (which, in PA, it looks like it will), decorate your back yard, deck, or other outdoor space with all sorts of orange lights, pumpkins, candles, etc. and host a socially-distanced outdoor party. Encourage your guests to dress in their finest costumes and matching masks, and make sure you have a prize for the best/most creative mask of all!
For kids: Cheltenham resident Christy Irizarry is planning some safe, spooky fun for her family of six this year: " We're doing a spooky backyard party with friends who are in our bubble" says Irizarry. "We're going to paint pumpkins and have a dance contest." Quakertown resident Katie Burland Poremba is bringing the magic by doing a Halloween Easter egg hunt in her yard instead of Trick-or-Treating, and Shillington resident Lindsey Hart is doing a friends-and-family only safe variation on Trick-or-Treating. 
Photo credit:
3. Host a Zoom Party 
Ok I'll be honest here--I'm not a huge Zoom fan. However, when it's the safest option to at least see the faces of your best friends and family members (especially those far away), you can still make it fun! When you send the Zoom link invite to your friends, include a few other instructions (wear a costume, a recipe for a special drink everyone will make and can consume during the Zoom party, a specialized playlist, Halloween Mad Libs-styled games you can all play together, etc.) to keep it fun and inclusive for a virtual night of celebrating!
Photo credit:
4. Get creative with how you hand out candy
Everyone is in the same boat this year, folks--all you have to do is run a quick Google search, and you will see all sorts of amazing ways people are planning to hand out candy in a safe, socially-distanced manner this year (like the homemade candy chute below, or an especially ingenious zipline-like decorated pulley system that delivers candy to the kids and beers to the adults from the safety of your porch!) 
Photo credit:
5.Host (or attend) a neighborhood Trunk-or-Treat
Almost everywhere you look, local churches and organizations plan festive Trunk-or-Treat options for kids. These events were always socially distanced before social distancing was a thing! 
Photo credit:
6. Plan an outdoor costume parade/competition
A super fun option for kids--especially those who are doing at-home learning this year and won't be able to have their typical classroom Halloween parties--an outdoor costume parade with prizes is a great option. Whether you choose to hold it in your neighborhood cul-de-sac with your "quarantine team", a local parking lot to include more kids from other neighborhoods, or--bonus points--in the parking lot of a nursing home to bring some joy to elderly residents, this is a fun way for kids to make sure that people are able to see their costumes, even if Trick-or-Treating isn't an option this year. 
Photo credit:
7. Man your fortress in character
This is the option that I'm personally doing this year. I have been portraying the "Ice Queen" for almost six years now, and I do it as a ministry to bring joy to kids everywhere. I've been doing lots of virtual appearances over quarantine, and will start off Halloween morning in character on a Zoom meeting for Voice of Our Child. My husband is going to take our daughter Trick-or-Treating while I man the house and hand out candy (family tradition; my dad always took my sister and me Trick or Treating while my mom stayed home). I'll be sitting at the end of our driveway in character, with a backdrop for photo ops, and a big bowl of candy (maybe a glass of wine for me :)) 
*Side note: I will be wearing a mask while I had out candy, as well as gloves to hand out the candy itself. I will only remove the mask if parents want to have pictures taken*
Me in character earlier this summer
8. Drop off "Spooky Baskets" or Fall craft kits at friend's homes
This is a fun one! If you aren't comfortable celebrating in person, try dropping "Spooky Baskets" or Fall Craft Kits on your friends' doorsteps! 
The world is your oyster here--fill a spooky basket with favorite Halloween treats, stuffed animals, scary movies, etc., and a Fall craft kit could include ANYTHING--Fall leaf wreath making supplies, pumpkins to paint, make your own candy, etc. 
Photo Credit:
9. Create a Halloween playlist with your friends
Do the Monster Mash either socially distanced in person or on Zoom by creating an incredible Halloween playlist with your friends!
Don't forget my personal favorite Halloween classic--Michael Jackson's THRILLER!
Photo credit:
10. Halloween 2020 Photobook
However you choose to crush this super-unique Halloween, make sure to document it for yourself (and future generations who want to know what living through 2020 was like) by making a fun Halloween 2020 scrapbook!
Who knows? Your pandemic memories might be worth big bucks someday!
Photo credit:
There you have it, Friends! I hope you found my suggestions for this undoubtedly different Halloween helpful and fun! 
Let me know which ideas you want to try in the comments, and also, in closing...
What's your favorite scary movie?
-Em <3

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Fall into Fitness

Fall into Fitness



Ok, so, maybe not the most original title, but I'm tired. Haha (no, but really, I'm tired). 

Fall is the season of everything delicious--pumpkin spice lattes, apple cider donuts, pies, fritters, turnovers, Thanksgiving feasts, etc.--not to mention the Christmas and Hanukkah feasts and treats that come immediately after. How's a girl to stay fit with so much deliciousness always around? 

With the current pandemic, many people who used to work out at the gym are finding that their options are more limited. Even though gyms have opened up, many people don't feel safe returning just yet. I've seen some individuals turn to some pretty creative workout ideas instead in the absence of their normal classes.

Take my husband, for example. While he very much misses going to the gym to "pick things up and put them down" (his words), he resorted to using the monkey bars at the gym down the street to do body weight exercises instead. He kills two birds with one stone this way--he gets a great full body workout, and gives our new neighbors a morning show. 

When it comes to workouts, this is my mantra: It's easier than you might think! You don't need to be a CrossFit champ or take a million fitness classes to be your fittest self. My personal workout of choice? Simply making the time to walk in my neighborhood at a brisk pace for 30+ minutes a day, 4-6 days a week (on average). 

According to, "for the average person just looking to stay fit and healthy, all you need is a thirty-minute walk [per day]." Walking also has been proven to boost mental health, immunity, and reduce stress (among other benefits). 

The beauty of walking (especially in the Fall!) is that you can literally do it anywhere--inside when the weather is colder, outside when it's mild. I'm so grateful that I live in a neighborhood with both ample sidewalks AND walking trails--not mention two different playgrounds IN the neighborhood that I can walk to with my little sidekick. The beauty of using brisk walking as a main source of cardio is--besides being just about the most effective lazy workout you can do--it's easy to fit into almost everyone's schedule. Whether you take a quick walk on your lunch break during the work day, or you're a busy mom walking to the park with your kid(s) instead of driving there, finding half an hour a day for a walk is most likely doable.

I have found that routine is as important to my daughter as it is to me. Almost every morning since moving to our new house in June and discovering how incredible the neighborhood is for walking, I pack my sidekick into her stroller, and we take off. I incorporate my morning cardio with her morning outdoor play time, so we both win!

In addition to walking, I also aim to do an intense, targeted ab workout 1-2 times a week. My personal favorite workout videos to target everything--arms, abs, thighs, you name it--come from a trainer named Rebecca Louise. All of the videos are FREE on Youtube, they are all brief (10-15 usually), and they are INTENSE but doable. Plus, she has the most delightful British's a win/win. Search "Rebecca Louise Fitness" on Youtube, and trust me, you won't be disappointed! 

There you have it folks! A shorter blog post today, but hopefully it helped you to see that you don't need to fear fitness, or think of it as some lengthy and complicated thing--it's OK to have a simple routine!

Sending everyone lots of love in this season--I know things are stressful. Remember that just as important as physical health is your mental health (and, as mentioned above, getting physical can help with that too!). Take time for yourself whenever you can, and make yourself a priority. Remember, you can't serve others from an empty cup; take the time to fill yourself up. 

See you next time, 

-Em <3


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Accessorize Me--Jewelry Essentials that Compliment Every Girl's Wardrobe

Accessorize Me--Jewelry Essentials that Compliment Every Girl's Wardrobe

Some might argue that no piece of jewelry would be considered "essential", but I would beg to differ (this will come as no surprise to my poor husband). The right staple pieces of jewelry should compliment every outfit you wear, no matter if you are going for casual or dressy that day. It should also work well with whatever other accessories you choose that day (think scarves, sunglasses, and shoes). 

I have made a habit of scouting gorgeous pieces of fine jewelry (real gemstones, solid gold, etc.) for the best prices possible. Below, I'll share some of my secrets for finding gorgeous staple pieces of jewelry for unbelievable prices (eBay!), and also my favorite place to scout well-made dupes if fine jewelry is not in your budget at the moment, but you still want to add some sparkle to your outfits. One thing I would mention before we dive in--try to stick with one color of gold for your "essential" pieces--either all gold or all yellow. This makes everything flow a bit better, and look more uniform. 

So, without further ado...


Jewelry Staples Every Woman Should Have to Compliment Her Wardrobe

  • A classic strand of pearls

-Your grandma was on to something--nothing screams elegance and sophistication like a simple strand of classic white pearls. The versatility of a strand of pearls can't be overstated--whether you wear them to dress up a casual tee and jeans ensemble, or your strand accessorizes your favorite cocktail dress at a formal function, a strand of pearls are one of the most essential pieces of jewelry for a woman's wardrobe. 

I recommend searching for a strand that has a solid 14K white or yellow gold clasp--silver is lovely and often more affordable, but keep in mind that silver tarnishes. You most likely won't be wearing your pearls every single day, and the last thing you want to deal with while dressing for a function is having to polish your clasp last minute. 

Perhaps shockingly, I have found that eBay is an AMAZING place to find some gorgeous pearls. The great thing about eBay is that you have 30 days to exchange a purchase, so if you want to take your new jewelry to a jeweler for an appraisal and it turns out not to be of the quality you wanted, you can return your new piece and get all of your money back. Freshwater pearls--which look almost just like their more expensive cousin, saltwater pearls--tend to be a great deal. 

This is a great current deal I found on eBay:

I purchased a beautiful strand last summer for somewhere around $30--yes, genuine freshwater pearls with a stamped 14K gold clasp! It was so beautiful and such a great value I ended up purchasing a second strand for a friend, who was equally delighted. I can't tell you how many times I've worn these pearls over the last year, and I look forward to giving them to my daughter someday. 

Rocking both my Ebay pearls and one of my favorite TCC dresses to go on-location (I'm a reporter)

  • A diamond eternity ring

-You don't need to wait for a man to buy this for you--a classic eternity ring is a jewelry staple that will not only go with everything, it's somehow both attention-grabbing and understated at the same time. 

I recommend sticking with a one carat total weight ring--substantial enough to grab the eye, yet not overwhelming on your finger and easy to stack with other rings if you wish. 

I personally recommend going with either black or white diamonds (or a mixture of both) for a classic ring that will pair beautifully with all of your outfits and other staple pieces of jewelry. has some of my favorite, affordable, and stunning eternity bands. The one below is a classic that is guaranteed to go with everything you wear, and the eye-catchingly unique mixture of black and white diamonds (totaling one carat)  is stunning (search Item #: 923736 on 

Image credit:

For a classic look for less, offers high-quality faux stones (CZ) that sparkle like the real thing, set in real rhodium plated sterling silver. Search "The Eternity" style on to see this ring; available in silver, rose gold plated, or gold plated:


Image credit:

You get the look of the real thing, for a fraction of the price ($44.95!). The best part? This ring comes with a Lifetime Warranty, so if it starts to look wonky in any way, they will replace it!

  • Diamond Studs

-The ultimate classic piece of jewelry for any woman's wardrobe: The diamond stud. I recommend to go no lower than 1 carat total weight (or .5 carat per stud), as anything smaller will most likely barely show up on your earlobe. 

These studs from (search item number ER3150-1.0WDD on their site) clock in at just under $500 for the pair, set in solid white gold. *From experience, you will want to check the quality of the diamonds from this company. However, this particular pair is a great deal and very highly rated).*


A cheap alternative from again are these great studs (search "The Ritz" on the for $29.95!

Image credit:


  • Diamond pendant

-Every girl's best friend, you simply can't go wrong with a classic diamond stud pendant. Once again, I recommend searching on EBay,, or for great deals on great pieces in your price range, and the for a cost-effective solution. 

  • Statement ring

-Typically worn on the right hand, or a finger on the left other than the ring finger, a statement ring (preferably one set with gemstones) is a piece that is sure to thrill. I've found some incredible statement rings for great prices on Ebay, including the one below:

Over 2 carat genuine blue topaz, set in solid stamped 10K white gold with genuine blue and white diamonds, for around $200. Can't beat it!

  • "Wow" bracelet

-A "wow" bracelet can be a slightly less-classic, more personalized piece of essential jewelry than pearls or diamond studs. I say go with what thrills you--whether it's a tennis bracelet (real or faux), a multi-strand gemstone bracelet, or something classic, such as a beautiful pearl and yellow gold Tiffany bracelet my Dad gifted me five years ago that is one of my most treasured pieces. Make it loud, make it proud, and make it reflect you!


So there you have it, friends! My "essentials" list for classic pieces of jewelry that every girl should have in her jewelry box to compliment her wardrobe. 

Next up? I'll be exploring my favorite Fall workouts (spoiler alert: lots of walking), workout playlists, and...


Have a great two weeks, enjoy the Fall weather, and stay sparkly!





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The Basic Chick's Guide to Fall Beauty

The Basic Chick's Guide to Fall Beauty

You can spot her from a distance.

An unmistakable vision of basic-ness. 

She’s proudly sporting her favorite pair of skinny jeans or faux leather leggings, which you can only just see peeking out in the gap created between her oversized off-shoulder sweater and over-the-knee boots. 

Her face is merely a pair of lips peeking out from under the brim of her oversized sunglasses and large-brimmed felt hat (something she just had to have after seeing it on the head of an influencer). 

She clutches a latte cup that is as oversized as her purse as if her life depends upon it. 

And, perhaps most telling of all, a tell-tale scent follows her on the same cool breeze that tosses brightly-colored leaves in an enchanting autumnal tango…

The smell of...pumpkin spice everything (latte/candles/air freshener/perfume...everything). 

You, my friend, have just encountered one of nature’s most ridiculed species and one of social media’s most proliferated memes in her natural habitat, as she gleefully emerges from a summer spent hibernating indoors under a steady stream of AC. 

You have just crossed paths with...a BFLC (Basic Fall-Loving Chick). 

Word to the wise, don’t look a BFLC directly in the sunglasses...that is, not unless you have about ten minutes of time to hear them wax eloquent about their obsession with all things Fall to you, a perfect stranger. 

How do I know all of this, you might ask?

I am, proudly, a BFLC (no shame). 

Ok, I’m not that bad--my giant purse is actually a diaper bag (#momlife), and I typically make my lattes at home these days (budget cuts, y’all, because also #momlife). But, I think I’ve made it pretty clear by now that Fall is my season. As soon as the weather cools down and the days shorten, I emerge from my summer hibernation cave (my living room) and Thriller-arms my way into the land of the living once more. 

My post today is going to take my love of both all things Fall and all things beauty and combine the two into a post about some my favorite beauty products for a lit-from-within Fall glow (yes, haters, Fall glow is a thing! Summer isn’t the only season that gets some gleam!)...because, let’s be honest, we need something good to come out of this year, am I right? 

So, without further ado…

The BFLC’s Guide to Fabulous Fall Beauty

  • Foundation/Contour/Highlighter (Price Point: $$$$):
    1. I’m not a big foundation-wearer (translation: I hate it) anymore, but this product is the only thing I wear (unless a professional MUA is doing my makeup for a shoot; even then I bring this device and offer to let them use it. This airbrush makeup feels like your skin but better, and when you use the shade finder tool on the website, it also tells you which highlighter, blush, and lipstick will match best with your foundation. In my experience, it’s worth the price. 



*Pro tips: For me (I’m very fair), I had to choose a shade darker than my foundation match. The shade they matched me with when I chose the “Fair” option (model looked closest to my skin tone) was wayyyy too light for me--like Twilight Vampire too light. Also, if you decide to purchase your blush/contour/highlighter from Temptu, do blush and contour FIRST before you apply your foundation, and then do highlight after for a lit-from-within glow. They have great application tips on the website!*
  • Blush (Prince Point: $$): 
    1. It’s a classic, but I have yet to find a better blush than NARS Orgasm. It’s peachy, shimmery, universally-flattering shade will make you look naturally flushed, like you just finished a great run and jumped out of the shower, or just had a really know ;) 
  • Concealer (Prince Point: $/$$):;
    1. Recommendation one: For quick under eye bag coverage or to mask a pimple on the cheap, it’s hard to beat Essence Cosmetics Camouflage + Matt Concealer. The shade variety leaves a bit to be desired, but the coverage is great, it goes on creamy and smooth for a natural finish, and for around $4, it’s hard to beat!

    1. Recommendation two: For blemish coverage, I personally don’t see the point of blanketing a zit with makeup unless it also has blemish-fighting ingredients in the product. I prefer a stick form (not a cream) for this type of coverup, and I like the Bare Minerals Blemish Rescue Skin Clearing Spot Concealer. 

  • Eye Shadow (Price Point: $$$):
    1. In terms of quality, longevity, and color saturation, it’s very hard to find anything better than Urban Decay. Fall is all about a smokey, smudgy, coppery eye, and UD’s Naked Honey Palette delivers on every front.

    *Pro Tip: For the perfect primer, skip the expensive products. It’s been my experience that Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal eyeshadow in the shade Barely Branded (a shimmery nude) makes a flawless primer to lock in any eyeshadow for a budge-proof and smudge-proof look all day long (found at*

    • Mascara/Faux Lashes (Price Point: $), 
      1. Mascara: I’m a bit obsessed with making my naturally skimpy lashes look long and thick and huge, and I used to be a huge fan of pricey, premium-brand mascaras. I happened across a review of Essence’s Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara, and let me tell you...the article didn’t lie. This $4.99 mascara out-performed it’s competitors that cost four times as much effortlessly, and it’s the only mascara I vouch for now!

      1. False Lashes: K1 Cosmetics has GORGEOUS lashes that work with any adhesive except magnetic. Best part? The prices are incredible for the quality. Use Code EMILY KENNISTON for 25% off your order!

    • Lips (Price Point: $):
      1. When it comes to a great Fall lip color, I’m all about burgundy and wine stains and balms (save the intense lipsticks for holiday parties). E.L.F. Ride or Die Lip Balm is a perfect choice for a natural, moisturized lip look, and the variety of colors will work well with any skin tone. 

    And remember folks, makeup only looks as good as the skin on which you put it--make sure that you take care of your skin, too! 

    There you have it, friends, your favorite BFLC’s guide to beauty for the most glorious season! 

    I’d love to see pictures of your favorite Fall fashion and beauty looks (especially if they feature TCC clothes!). Tag us on social media with the hashtag #BFLCFashionFave!

    ‘Til next time, my friends, stay pumpkin-y, and avoid (or engage) a BFLC like me at your own risk! 


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    Season-less Beauty--Wardrobe Staples Every Girl Needs for Year-Round Style (or, the Lazy Girl’s Guide to Never Cleaning Your Closet)

    Season-less Beauty--Wardrobe Staples Every Girl Needs for Year-Round Style (or, the Lazy Girl’s Guide to Never Cleaning Your Closet)

    By: Emily Fitzpatrick Kenniston

    The older I get, the more clearly I’m learning that there are two distinct types of people in the, no, I don’t mean Republicans and Democrats. I’m talking about the controversy that really matters; that truly polarizes people. 

    I mean those who love Summer and want it to always be warm, and those who wait eagerly for all the Fall things. 

    What about Winter and Spring, Emily? You may be thinking to yourself as you hang upon each of my words with bated breath (ha, ha). Interestingly enough, I don’t know too many people (or ANY people for that matter) who would choose either of those two seasons as their favorite one--my friends list is pretty much composed of Team Summer and Team Fall. It’s a battle as old as time; as hotly contested as dogs vs. cats; coffee vs. tea. 

    Can you guess which of the two camps I fall into (get it...FALL into?)

    Unlike our fearless leader Marni, I’m almost never cold, so the heat of summer is absolute torture for me--I pretty much hibernate inside as much as possible, blessing the inventor of the air conditioner with love in my heart. I spend every month of summer longing for Fall: Daytime temperatures that never top 70 degrees (with no humidity), gorgeous trees, cool nights that just beg for a bonfire, and spooky season (not to mention the tantalizing promise of all of the holidays) right around the corner...and the fact that bugs (the horror!) finally descend back to the shadows from whence they came. When you spend your entire summer shouting a Gandalf-like “You shall not pass!” to every bug that comes your way (was that a murder hornet? A big bee? My husband’s quarantine hair doing a Rapunzel spiral into the yard?!), you look for the end of all that deeply. 

    However, with the end of each season, every woman is faced with the same dilemma: A closet full of clothes that are no longer reflective of the changing temperatures outside. 

    I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up, I remember my mom switching out my winter and summer wardrobes (it should be noted that I didn’t inherit my mom’s incredible domestic talents, much to my poor husband’s chagrin). I, however, never end up doing this myself, because I’ve found that there are a few staple pieces that should take precedence in every woman’s wardrobe to ensure a seamless transition from season to season (and...because I’m a lazy housewife). 

    So, folks, here are my style staple recommendations for every girl’s wardrobe that you can wear year-round with some creative layering and accessorizing. All of these essentials are available online at! 

    Wardrobe Staples for Season-less Style

    1. Basic V Neck Tanks in neutral colors (I recommend white, black, and tan/nude): V neck tanks are literally impossible to mess up. I recommend choosing ones with a slightly relaxed fit (like this one:, as they are flattering to every body type. Not only is a basic tank cool enough to wear on its own during the summer months, tanks are an effortless staple to wear until your favorite cardigans, jackets, and blazers as the weather cools down outside. 
    2. Jeans: A great-fitting pair of jeans is like the perfect man: sexy, flattering, and confidence-boosting. They are also essential for every season because they are so easy to dress up or down. I LOVE this pair from Enjean, sold at TCC: (
    3. LBD: An LBD is an essential piece of a woman’s wardrobe--from the office to date night to a more formal event, it’s simply never a wrong choice. It’s also a comfortable choice when temperatures soar, and easy to pair with tights and a jackets once it becomes cool again. This dress (sleeveless, V neck, knee length) is my style of choice:
    4. Cardigans/Blazers/Jackets: Obviously any of the above work great to keep you warm once it’s cold outside, BUT I also recommend keeping these items in your closet year-round to carry with you to work/a restaurant/etc. You never know when you’ll exit the blazing inferno that is the outdoors, only to enter into the arctic blast of someone’s air conditioner (I’m the person who likes things to be arctic at all times as I rarely get cold). This Guess blazer is a perfect example:
    5. Long-Sleeved V neck tee: Easy to layer, breathable fabric, and great on its own, a long-sleeved tee is a truly seasonless essential. My personal favorites tend to come from Old Navy or Target
    6. Dressy camisole: Glamorous, pairs with everything from pants to skirts, sexy, and yet suitable for work under a blazer, these types of tops are some of my favorites. TCC has a great one this year:

      You’ll notice I didn’t list my essential all-year SHOES on this post...I don’t think we have that much time :) 

      There you have it folks, my fail-proof pieces that never leave my closet. Though I’m sure my mom would beg to disagree, I think it makes sense to only keep pieces in there that I don’t have to rotate constantly (being the mom of a busy two-year-old might also have something to do with my reluctance). 

      As always, send any questions or comments my way. I’d love to hear from you (or turn you into a never know. No one is safe with us writers…)

      Now, if you will excuse me, I’ve heard that Starbucks and Dunkin’ have both debuted their PSLs (or Pumpkin Spice Lattes for you non-believers) for 2020...maybe the best thing to come from this insane year...and I think at long last, it’s time. 

      ‘Til next time, stay beautiful, and remember that life is YOUR runway. 



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      Life is a Runway: The Official TCC Beauty Blog

      Life is a Runway: The Official TCC Beauty Blog


      Image credit: Miriam Sandler Photography



      Hi there! My name is Emily. I have been a part of the TCC family since 2018, when I stumbled across our previous brick-and-mortar location, my then two month old (now two YEAR old) baby girl strapped to my chest. I quickly fell in love with the concept of the store--designer clothing, all brand new with tags still attached, sold for thrift-store prices! I like to say I walked into TCC and never left.

      I figured I would start out this blog with a brief introduction; a “why you should trust me to give you fashion and beauty advice” bio, if you will. 

      Well, I can honestly say if I had looked ahead as a kid in the 90’s and seen that I would be writing a fashion blog, I would have had two major questions:

      1. What the heck is a blog (90’s, remember?)
      2. Um….me?!?!

      Growing up, fashion was not my strong point. I had glasses by the age of 9, dressed myself in a selection of carefully thrifted garage-sale couture items, and...did I mention?...I was also homeschooled. This was a flawless educational experience that I can’t wait to try with my own daughter, but I never had to worry about what I looked like. What I lacked in style, I made up for with an abundance in quirk--I was obsessed with Shakespeare, opera (I was a trained singer as a teen), Lord of the Rings, and math. By age sixteen, I might not have been able to pick A&F out of a lineup, but gosh darn it if I couldn’t sing in Elvish and complete college courses in Precalculus and Calculus while still in highschool. While I certainly remember thinking that the height of glam and fashion dwelt somewhere within the Lord of the Rings creators’ costume closet (I mean...those dresses though, right ladies?), I do recall a yearning to be beautiful; to be seen as beautiful, and to understand the ins and outs of fashion. 

      Fast forward to college--after being genuinely flattered when I was mistaken for a scheduled model on my college campus while waiting for my then-boyfriend to pick me up for a date--I decided to go for it and applied to model in a Penn State fashion show. I was accepted, made my runway debut, and started modeling for local photographers. I did this as a hobby, as my main profession was teaching. I began modeling more professionally in 2019 when I signed with LOOK Models and Actors Agency in Doylestown, though I still do quite a bit of freelance work (in fact, I honestly prefer it). I have vast writing experience as well; I’ve written a novel (currently being edited), and am a freelance reporter for Berks Weekly. Oh, and I’m a professional princess (yes, really), through a volunteer organization I started in 2015 (more on that later), and a pageant contestant/beauty queen. If you want to know a bit more about me, feel free to visit my personal webpage and online portfolio at

      So...what is my vision for this blog?

      I want this to be a place where I can share tips, trends, and beauty advice, a skill that I have carefully curated over the last decade plus of my life. I want it to be a place where you can feel free to ask questions and get answers; a place where you feel encouraged and as beautiful as God created you to be. 

      I also want it to be a place of fun--of laughter, of lightness, and of inner beauty--because, let’s face it, 2020 has royally sucked. We need something gorgeous in our lives right now. 

      So, that’s it folks, that’s a bit about me. Next up I’ll be posting about summer-to-fall fashion and beauty trends (I LOVE products and clothes that easily make the transition!), and I would love to hear your questions, if you have any. 

      Remember, my beauties, that life is YOUR runway. Strut it all day long, in the way that only you can. 



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      How TCC Started

      How TCC Started

      Hi there!
      My name is Marlinie. In “real life”, I’m in finance. That’s my bread and butter, so to speak. But, my real passion is fashion. And travel. And food. Shoes. I love shoes. OK, I have a passion for the good things in life!
      My fashion passion dates back a long time. But, I can finally share my passion - and my knack for snagging great deals - with others.
      Introducing, The Curated Closet. I will be offering samples, refusals and overstock from your favorite designers and departments stores. All brand new. The only difference? The price! You’ll save a ton buying at TCC!
      You will see a lot of dresses in my store. Because I love dresses. My co-workers and friends think it’s because I’m “girly”. And, I am. But that’s not why I love dresses…it’s because I’m lazy. Dresses are an easy way to look put together without a lot of effort, IMO.
      I also offer a “girls nights”. If you have a party of 4 or more and want to shop - you may! You’ll have the store to yourselves , and I’ll provide music & refreshments.
      I also host and attend events & pop-ups. Watch for our latest events which will be posted on our Facebook calendar and on the website.
      I hope you enjoy your visit to The Curated Closet, and please return. Feedback also always appreciated.

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      Meet the Team pt. 2

      Meet the Team pt. 2

      Hey there! I'm Emmy. I'm a Christian wife and mom who is happily married to my college sweetheart, Dillon. We have a little girl, Brielle, who turned one on Monday and is the light of our lives.

      I've had an interest in fashion ever since I was a teenager, which in turn sparked an interest in the beauty industry. I've modeled off and on for the last decade, primarily for local boutiques, salons, and photographers, and am delighted to put this to good use promoting TCC. I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and taught for years before my daughter was born, and look forward to homeschooling her in the future.

      In addition to enjoying local modeling, I also love acting in community theatre, blogging (, and singing--I'm a trained operatic soprano. My husband and I enjoy being involved with our local church, Hilltown Baptist, where he is co-founder of a podcast that discusses theological issues and I help out in the children's ministry.

      I enjoy chats over well-crafted lattes (I'm an espresso nerd), jewelry, anything that sparkles, good wine, salads, and high heels (the higher the better).

      Stop by the shop to meet me and my little one--who is often with me while I work!

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      Meet The Curated Closet Team!

      Meet The Curated Closet Team!

      Hello Everyone, 

      In preparation for our in-store Stuff the Bag Sale tomorrow, we want to re-introduce you to our dedicated team here at The Curated Closet. 

      First up is owner and founder, Marni:

      Hi there!
      My name is Marlinie.
      In “real life”, I’m in finance. That’s my bread and butter, so to speak. But, my real passion is fashion. And travel. And food. Shoes. I love shoes. OK, I have a passion for the good things in life!
      My fashion passion dates back a long time. But, I can finally share my passion - and my knack for snagging great deals - with others.
      Introducing, The Curated Closet. I will be offering samples, refusals and overstock from your favorite designers and departments stores. All brand new. The only difference? The price! You’ll save a ton buying at TCC!
      You will see a lot of dresses in my store. Because I love dresses. My co-workers and friends think it’s because I’m “girly”. And, I am. But that’s not why I love dresses…it’s because I’m lazy. Dresses are an easy way to look put together without a lot of effort, IMO.
      I also offer a “girls nights”. If you have a party of 4 or more and want to shop - you may! You’ll have the store to yourselves , and I’ll provide music & refreshments.
      I also host and attend events & pop-ups. Watch for our latest events which will be posted on our Facebook calendar and on the website.
      I hope you enjoy your visit to The Curated Closet, and please return. Feedback also always appreciated.

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