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Essential Shoes: What Pairs You Need in Your Closet

Essential Shoes: What Pairs You Need in Your Closet

 Anyone who knows Marni and me knows one thing: we LOVE shoes. 

Like...we really love shoes. 

Just me, rocking my favorite pair of red stilettos during a recent bridal shoot (Photo credit: Kristen Mak Photography)


I'm super excited about today's blog post, because I'm going to walk you through what I consider to be "The Essentials" when it comes to shoes: the pairs that, in my opinion, every woman needs to have in her closet!


Comfy Sneakers

Yes, yes, I know--SHOCKING for me to be posting that sneakers are an essential (people who know me only see me in them if I'm taking my dog for a walk or my kiddo to the park). But even if you are a heel lover like me, don't underestimate the importance of a great pair of sneakers--you need them for more than you think. Whether it's for a workout class or a run in the neighborhood with your dog, or simply to have on hand if your feet hurt, you absolutely need a very comfy pair (this is not an area where you can splurge on quality). 


Pointed-Toe Stilettos

I've always been a platform stiletto type of gal, but I've recently come around to seeing the classic elegance of a pair of pointy-toed stilettos without a platform. These essential shoes are excellent choices for more formal occasions when you want to create an ultra-feminine silhouette--occasions such as an important business meeting, or a cocktail party. Just be aware--without the support of the platform, they WILL hurt your feet more quickly, so maybe pack your pair of ballet flats for wear later in the evening. 


Platform Stilettos

Some people disagree with me on this, but I personally can't think of a better or classier work shoe than a stiletto with a hidden platform. The platform is essential for keeping your feet comfortable despite the height of the heel, and the silhouette of the shoe is utterly classy when paired with your favorite suits. My advice is to make sure you have a pair of this type of stiletto in BOTH black and a nude that matches your skin tone--trust me. You won't believe how much wear you get out of them, because they will go with everything, for everything. 


Ballet Flats

While I always prefer to rock a pair of heels, there's no denying that just calls for flats. They can look classy if you have to wear them for work, and yet they still work comfortably for times where you know you are going to be chasing little ones all over the place or for when you are traveling.



Ah, wedges. Personally, I can't think of a better Summer shoe--you get some great height (admittedly, this photo shoes VERY high ones...), while still being able to walk (carefully) on grass. A perfect choice for hot weather days where you have to dress up (think: Summer weddings), a pair of wedges are an essential to have in your closet that you might not even realize is such an essential until you need them. 


High-Rise Boots

Take it from this Fall-loving girl: A great pair of boots (especially knee-high or over-the-knee ones, like these ones from a Fall shoot with Leviticus Fashions) are a cold-weather staple for your closet. Boots pair beautifully with jeans, leggings, sweaters, dresses...a.k.a. everything you will wear from October-March, at least. I highly recommend having two pairs of boots that either nearly hit the knee, or are over the knee: ones with a flat or less than 3" heel, and ones that feature a stiletto heel for dressier occasions. 



When it comes to flip flops, the cheaper the better! These foam babies are easy to slide on to do everything from letting the dog out to spending a day at the beach/on the boardwalk in easy, breezy comfort, but I promise: you definitely need at least one pair of these for the Summer.


Rain Boots

Rain boots, like this classic Hunter pair in a fun color, are an absolute necessity (trust me, I know: my cheap pair split open when I was least expecting it). Cute enough to wear out and about on a rainy day while still protecting your more expensive shoes, you will want to invest in a pair that will last. 


A Pair of "Party" Shoes

Whether you choose a stiletto, platform, wedge, or flat style: Every woman needs a pair of "fun" shoes in her closet for parties. These shoes should express your personality in the best and most fun way--for me personally, that looks like an ultra-high heel and sparkles; for others, it might look more like bright, funky colors and a Y2K heel. 


There you have it, Folks! My guide to what I consider the absolute "essentials" for your shoe closet...and that reminds me...I have some shopping to do for my own :) 


Until next small, y'all!






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Memorial Weekend Outfit Ideas from TCC

Memorial Weekend Outfit Ideas from TCC

This weekend, we take a pause as a nation to honor and reflect on the lives of those who served our country in the armed forces, but tragically did not make it home. We here at TCC would like to thank all those who served and who continue to serve, past, present, and future, to keep America safe and free. We would also like to thank their families--the life of a military spouse is NO picnic (just ask Emily's sister, Anna, a brave military wife and mom). 

This year, Memorial Day is observed on Monday, May 30th (this also happens to be our Emily's Wedding Anniversary!). It has become something of a tradition for many people to wear patriotic colors as they observe Memorial Day, and TCC has got you covered--all of the photos below are screenshots of the actual items, so you can simply plug the name of the piece you love into the search bar and find it right away! Use code MEMORIAL22 for a special, one-time-only 22% discount. 


This cute tank is comfy and effortlessly chic for a hot summer backyard barbecue!


An ornate and romantic take on the shade, this wine-colored velvet cami is an all-season essential layering piece. 


With hints of blue and white on a red background, this swingy dress will keep you cool while simultaneously providing a subtle nod to patriotic colors. 


The obvious choice for both Memorial Day and 4th of July!




This adorable, button-accented cami just screams "Summer is here!"


Versatile, comfortable, and flattering, this blue skinnies will be a year-round wardrobe staple. 


This high-necked blue lace blouse will compliment your favorite low-cut tops (try layering it under one of our white camis below!)


Of course, you can't mention the color blue without including the ultimate wardrobe staple: denim. These classic shorts will go with absolutely everything. 



How sweet is this feminine, flirty lace top? 


Trust me--every woman needs a pair of white denim skinnies in her wardrobe! They are classic, timeless, classic, and a true "go-with-everything" staple. 


This sweet off-shoulder top is both elegant and feminine. 


Whether you wear this top alone or layered under a favorite sweater or jacket, this flirty white top is sure to be a new fave!


Both simple and sexy, this white denim skirt features a sultry lace-up front. 



There you have it, Friends--some great TCC picks for this weekend (that will also work for the 4th of July!). However you commemorate this weekend, please take a moment to reflect on those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so we could be free. We are free to spend time with our family and friends this long weekend only because of their bravery, and we stand in their debt. 


From all of us here at TCC to you, have a safe, happy, and healthy weekend, and thank you to those who served and are serving, and to their families. We are grateful for you forever. 


-Em <3





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What Moms REALLY Want for Mother's Day

What Moms REALLY Want for Mother's Day

For one day each year, we collectively celebrate the mothers (and found mother figures in our lives). After reading a post recently about "what mom really wants for Mother's Day", I thought I'd put my spin on the idea myself (and, of course, throw a reallllllly awesome TCC Mother's Day discount code your way if your fashionista mom would love some amazing new clothes as a gift!). 

So...what do moms REALLY want for Mother's Day? Here are my top 5 ideas!

Five Things Mom Really Wants for Mother's Day


The Chance to Sleep in

Image credit:

As the mom of a BUSY 4 year old who thinks 6 AM is an ideal wake up time (spoiler alert: it's not), my daily morning routine involves a zombie-like shuffle to my Nespresso machine as my little one runs/yells/toddlers around me. I can't even imagine how moms of more than one little do it--y'all are superheroes, seriously! Breakfast in bed is a sweet idea and all, but what I'd REALLY love is to actually get the chance to sleep in and have Daddy handle the morning energy for a change (though if you are listening, Honey, a triple shot espresso skinny latte left silently on the nightstand is a lovely idea...haha).  


No Housework

Image credit:

Moms everywhere will tell you that housework is, quite literally, never-ending. When you have kids, the second you clean something, it gets dirty again almost instantaneously (and for those of us with pets, it genuinely doesn't matter how much you vacuum...there will ALWAYS be fur...shoutout to my Golden Retriever mix, Teddy). The absolute last thing mom wants to worry about on her special day? Dishes. Or laundry. Or vacuuming. Or scrubbing toilets. get it. Consider treating mom to the ULTIMATE Mother's Day gift this year, and deep clean (or hire a maid service to deep clean) her home. Trust me, this is a gift that she will love, and one she will never forget. 


No Cooking

Image credit:

This is kind of a no-brainer, but unless she uses cooking as a form of therapy or artistic expression, your mamma probably does NOT want to be the one who has to cook on Mother's Day. If you aren't the best cook in the world, definitely consider treating your mother to take out on her special day (and it goes without saying, make sure she doesn't have any dishes to do afterwards, either!).


Time to Herself

Image credit: 

Hear me out on this--moms DO want to spend time with their families on Mother's Day. However, I can tell you from personal experience, that we also want this togetherness balanced with some time to ourselves. It doesn't need to be expensive--maybe we just want a few hours to read a magazine or book, or go to the bathroom without interruptions whenever we want for one whole day. However, if it's financially doable for you, treating mom to a spa day is a great option (just make sure it's something she really wants...I know it sounds crazy, but spa days actually aren't as relaxing as you might think for certain folks). Make sure to let mom know that you have blocked out time for her to relax how she relaxes best, whatever that looks like...I can promise you, a gesture like that will help her feel "seen" (which is something that is often hard for moms. 


A Day to do the "Fun Parent Stuff"

Image credit:

Moms have to spend lots of time being the "bad cop" on a regular basis. From shooing the kids out the door to school in the mornings, dealing with whining over meals, potty training debacles and messes, to any and everything in between, I can tell you from experience that sometimes being a mom feels mired in the "hard stuff". What would mom REALLY enjoy for Mother's Day? Give her a chance to focus on the fun mom stuff for a change--the pretend play, the reading stories, and the creative activities she probably longs to do, and rarely has the time to enjoy with her kiddos. 

A Special Note in Closing...

I always feel that it is incredibly important to add a gentle reminder to everyone as Mother's Day approaches that this day can be extremely hard for many women, and it can be easy for people to overlook this fact. Please take a moment this week to reflect not just on your own mom, but also to think about which women in your life have acted in mom-like ways to bless you.

Many women suffer through Mother's Day in silence. Women who are single and never found a partner to share their life/make a child with; women who have lost children; women whose bodies have never given them the opportunity to create a child; single moms who just KNOW that Mother's Day is going to be another reminder of how alone they feel...all of these scenarios just a few examples of women who genuinely struggle ever time Mother's Day comes around. Often, they hide this pain behind a smile, and no one knows that they are hurting deeply inside. 

I'd like to gently encourage you to think about the women in your life who might fit the descriptions above. Consider doing something special for them, too--maybe surprise them with flowers or a meal; maybe offer to take them out to eat or surprise them with a self-care day. Whatever it is decide to do, just know that by letting them know that you SEE them; you see their struggle even if they have never found the words to be able to share it, might be life-giving for them on what is usually a painful, painful day. If any of this describes you, please know that you are not alone, and that you are loved in ways you can't even imagine. This day is for you, too, and I pray that you have a village around you to help you see that. 


However you decide to celebrate the moms and the mom-figures in your life this weekend, know that they are grateful for you...we here at TCC are grateful for you (and them!) too. As our special gift to you, use discount code MOM20 for a special 20% discount on some of our most popular items and styles...and know that we are celebrating you always. 


With love, 



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Introducing...the WTF Fashion Files!

Introducing...the WTF Fashion Files!

We've all been there...innocently scrolling on social media, when we become unwitting witnesses to major crimes. 

Crimes of FASHION, that is!

Marni and I have been DMing each other fashion faux pas photos for YEARS now just to make one another laugh. Recently, I started calling them our "WTF Fashion Files (WTF standing for "What the Fudge, because we are classy", and Marni responded with "Oh! Make this a series! People will love it!" 

So here we are--once a week on our FB and IG, we will be featuring some of our favorite "What in the world of fashion is going on here?!?!" moments. As someone who is no stranger to walking a runway, these make me laugh even harder because...yeah. Models just wear whatever we are told to wear, whenever. Maybe that's why they put so much makeup on us, to hide the inner turmoil and deep questioning of previous life choices flashing in our eyes. 


Here's a little introduction of some of the "fashion" that had us giggling like crazy this week:


Dryer Lint...but make it fashion


Your Toddler's Artwork...but make it fashion


Hole-y Underwear with a Dash of Sofa Cushion Couture


Your Backyard Fence...but make it fashion

See something that belongs in the gallery? Tag us on IG or shoot us a DM with the photo you think should be included, or hashtag #wtffashionfiles. We'll feature your fabulously funny find, and you might receive a cool discount code :)

Until next time--stay stylish!



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Four of my Favorite Spring Must-Haves!

Four of my Favorite Spring Must-Haves!

I don't know about all of you, but I'm so excited that Spring is finally here! I love everything about this season--the flowers, the beautiful weather (not too hot and not too cold is my JAM), the fact that most of the bugs haven't woken up yet...I even LOVE the rain (cool, rainy days are my absolute favorite kind of days).

One of the most exciting things about a new season is sharing my "must-haves" list with all y'all, so without further Spring 2022 Must-Have Items!


Emily's Spring 2022 Must-Haves

  • Clothing--TCC's Flutter Sleeve Off-Shoulder Dress

This flirty, feminine dress (also available in a deep Magenta) from TCC is at the top of my clothing must-have list this season. The hemline of this piece makes it perfect to wear ANYWHERE (just throw a boyfriend blazer on over it to wear it to work), and the off shoulder neckline shows just enough skin while still be super classy. From Easter brunch to summer weddings, this dress is definitely going to be getting a lot of wear in 2022. I plan on rocking this dress with my favorite pair of stiletto heels and statement earrings (see below) every chance I get!


  • Skincare--The Ordinary's AHA 30% + BHA 2% Exfoliating Peeling Solution 

Ok...I KNOW this stuff looks crazy strange, but I'm telling you--it works. For less than $10, this super concentrated serum from The Ordinary (available at Ulta, Sephora, or online) works to deeply exfoliate your skin. Be warned--it really does look like/have a similar consistency to blood (bleah), so it's pretty ewwwwww on your face...but your skin will thank you for using it. It's important to read the label, because it WILL burn sensitive skin, and you have to make sure to ONLY use it for 10 minutes or less, make sure your skin is hydrated afterwards, and use a sunscreen when you go out. But, you will have the glass skin of your dreams once you wash this stuff off and use your favorite moisturizing serum. 


  • Jewelry--Emerald's Earring Boutique 

Ever since high school, statement earrings have been my favorite way to upgrade my look (when I was a 15-16 year old cashier at my local Shoprite, I used to wear earrings so long that they would catch on my uniform apron when I turned my head!). These stunning earrings from Emerald's Earring Boutique ( are an exact match for my Mrs. Pennsylvania Continental Worldwide crown, and owner Rebecca Anderson (herself a pageant queen) cultivates a matchless collection of beautiful, AFFORDABLE statement earrings (and no, you don't have to be in pageantry to wear or purchase them). :)


  • Accessory--BOOMBA

Where are my fellow tiny tatta queens? Even before I started breastfeeding my daughter (and let me tell you--breastfeeding is MAGICAL, but it definitely changes your boobs), I have only ever worn bras that are supposed to give you a lift up to 2 additional cup sizes. While I love my add 2 cups bras, it has been almost IMPOSSIBLE to find inserts that give that much lift (never mind finding a backless one for wearing underneath the wedding gowns I model). That said, I was SO excited to discover BOOMBA, an amazing women-led business that specializes in inserts and backless, strapless "magic" bras that add up to 2 cup sizes! The most incredible thing about these inserts? They STICK TO YOUR CLOTHES so you can wear them literally anywhere--inside your bathing suit, inside your favorite tops, or even inside your wedding dress--for added lift and cleavage (and did I mention that they are reusable!?). Don't believe me? Head on over to to see some pretty incredible before and after photos, and stay tuned for some amazing partnership work I'm excited to do for them later this Spring. 


There you have it folks! Four of my favorite picks for Spring that you are sure to love, too. Stay tuned for my next blog post in a couple of weeks that will feature my Mother's Day 2022 guide!


Until then, enjoy every second of beautiful Spring :) 




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The Wearing of the Green: Festive Look Idea for St. Patty's Day!

The Wearing of the Green: Festive Look Idea for St. Patty's Day!

Growing up with a last name like "Fitzpatrick", it's no secret that I'm about as Irish as they come (shoutout to my great grandparents who came over to the US from Ireland decades ago). This year, for the first time in two years due to the pandemic, I'm actually hoping to go out on St. Patty's Day and do a little celebrating at an amazing new winery friends of mine just opened in Bernville called Violet Vintage Wine Company. 

Keep reading for my picks for an amazing St. Patrick's Day look that will bring all the green (and hopefully all the luck of the Irish, too!). 


The Wearing of the Green: Festive Look Idea for St. Patty’s
This awesomely glittery top from TCC just screams "Take me out for a green drink, please!" From the sexy black lace lining the bust to the shimmery sequins that will sparkle in any lighting, this flattering cami is sure to be a favorite St. Patty's Day staple for years to come. Try pairing it with a pair of black faux leather leggings to really amp up the sexy factor!
The Wearing of the Green: Festive Look Idea for St. Patty’s
Keep the "Shop Small, Y'all" trend going by heading over to Etsy seller ClassyNerdyChic to find these St. Patty's Day chic stiletto heels! From the shamrock-green color of the shoes to the Pot 'O Gold-inspired golden heels, these shoes will elevate your holiday look to perfection. 
The Wearing of the Green: Festive Look Idea for St. Patty’s
I discovered small business Date Nite Beaute through pageantry...and let me tell I'm a glitter addict (in fact, one of my first hangouts with my now-husband back when we were in college ended with me accidentally shedding glitter from a shimmery top alllllllll over his dorm room...and he still married me anyways!). All of the DNB makeup palettes are high quality and super-pigmented, and the glitter (which has an almost gel-like consistency) lasts and lasts and LASTS. The "Lucky in Love" palette above has THE best shades for St. Patty's Day, and bonus--you can top off your look with a pair of their amazing lashes, which are held on with the prettiest adhesive eyeliner you can imagine! For more, visit, or check out their IG at @datenitebeaute
There you have it, folks--my fool-proof ideas for a St. Patty's Day look that slays...or slaps...or whatever the kids are saying the new version of "cool" is right now. The best part? Every part of the look above supports a different small business, which obviously is a HUGE passion of mine. 
What are your ideas for an amazing St. Patrick's Day ensemble? I'd love to hear and see them, so sound off in the comments!

Til next time, I'll leave you with a traditional Irish blessing that I love:
"May the road rise up to meet you.

 May the wind be always at your back.

May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand."

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New Year, New Location, and New News!

New Year, New Location, and New News!

Hi all, and welcome back to the official TCC Blog! We have been on a brief hiatus for the last couple months as we switch gears here at TCC. 

As of last week, the brick and mortar location of the boutique has moved from Bucks County, PA to Naples, Florida--but now that our website is officially up and running again you can still order anything, from anywhere, anytime!

2022 has certainly been an interesting year so far for the biz--owner Marni has successfully relocated to her beautiful new home in Naples (seriously, just LOOK at her gorgeous new pool!). 

New Year, New Location, and New News!

In other news, I'm still stuck her in the frigid North--I mean, Pennsylvania. However, that has been a blessing in some ways. Through a wild turn of events at the beginning of the year, I was crowned Mrs. Pennsylvania Continental Worldwide! 

New Year, New Location, and New News!

Photo credit: Lindsey Hart Photography

My state title actually has its roots in TCC--my pageant platform is "Supporting Small Business Owners of America", and it is, quite literally, because of Marni that I chose this platform. Back when I first started at TCC--when my daughter was such a little baby that I would strap her to my chest in a baby carrier to come to work--I had an up-close view of exactly what it takes to make a small business run. I was unprepared for just how hard it is for small businesses to make a bottom line, much less thrive and make a profit (and advertising is insanely expensive). I decided last year that I wanted to do something about it, which is why I created my show Small Business Spotlight, and now it is why I am excited to have the honor of being Mrs. Pennsylvania Continental Worldwide and promoting small business owners in our state (and across the nation!) any way that I can. I owe all of this to Marni, and to The Curated Closet. While I'm sad that my dear friend is not in PA anymore, I'm also thrilled--this new chapter for herself and for the business is going to be extraordinary. 

So, as we step forward into this new year with all of these new plans--we want to hear from YOU!

-What are some styles/brands/etc. you would like to see us carry?

-Naples locals: what are some awesome events at which you'd like to see TCC?

-We want to see your fashion moments on our socials!

-We want to collaborate with some fabulous influencers!

-We want to see your #TCCintheWild...where have you been wearing your favorite TCC pieces? Tag us!

Looking forward to doing 2022 with you, and don't forget: Shop Small, Y'all!




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Holiday Gift Guide 2021 (SHOP SMALL, Y'ALL!)

Holiday Gift Guide 2021 (SHOP SMALL, Y'ALL!)

Holiday Gift Guide 2021

It’s finally here...the most magical time of the year! If you are anything like me, you have been waiting for the holidays since...well...last holiday season! 

In celebration of my first Christmas as the host of Small Business Spotlight on, I am compiling my Holiday Gift Guide for 2021 in advance of Small Business Saturday (which falls on 11/27 this year). Below, I’ve listed some of my favorite small businesses in every category so you can shop for everyone on your list. Please note: Many businesses are in or near Berks County, PA (where I’m located), but all have dedicated websites where you can shop online for both products and gift cards. 


For the Fashionista:

-The Curated Closet (

      1. Both an online boutique and a brick and mortar location within The Mercantile (444 N Main Street, Doylestown PA 18901), The Curated Closet is the perfect choice if you want to spoil someone (or yourself) with designer clothes this year...but on a budget. TCC specializes in selling designer clothes for steeply discounted prices, and also features a EuroLuxe line of high-end items (shoes! bags! Men’s clothes!) shipped straight to you from Europe. For more info, visit the website above, or visit their social media accounts: FB ( and IG: (

Holiday Gift Guide 2021 (SHOP SMALL, Y’ALL!)

Photo credit: Facebook 

  • For the Shoe Lover:
-Leviticus Fashions (
      1. Want to give the shoe lover in your life the gift that they will be talking about forever? Look no further than Leviticus Fashions. A PA based company, LF specializes in creating completely customized leather boots that are sure to turn heads wherever you go (trust me, I modeled them… and never wanted to take them off!). Supremely sexy, absolutely gorgeous, and so comfortable that you can dance an Irish jig in them (true story), these aren’t to be missed. Check them out online or visit their socials: FB ( and IG: (

Holiday Gift Guide 2021 (SHOP SMALL, Y’ALL!)

Photo credit: Leviticus Fashions

  • Jewelry
    1. Whether you want to gift fine jewelry to a loved one, a friend, or yourself, Sincerely Ginger Jewelry has stunning pieces. Featuring one-of-a-kind handmade designs created from eco-friendly gold, diamonds, and gemstones, jewelry designer Ginger Herbein creates stunning art that will last for generations. Planning to get engaged this holiday season? Ginger will work with you every step of the way to create an engagement ring and wedding bands that will be completely customized to fit your dream design. Even better? If you know someone getting engaged and you refer them to Sincerely Ginger Jewelry, you can earn a $450 credit towards a jewelry purchase for yourself! Find out more at the website above, or on their socials: FB ( and IG ( 

Holiday Gift Guide 2021 (SHOP SMALL, Y’ALL!)

Photo credit: Ginger Herbein

  • For the Oeniphile: 
    1. Opened in the summer of 2021, The Bar Cart is a Pennsylvania producers tasting room and bottle shop. Featuring an ever changing cocktail menu, Pennsylvania wines, craft beer, and cider, stop in for a drink while you peruse the bottle selection to take home. If you live local to Berks County, PA, it is the best place to go for both drinks and amazingly fun educational classes and tastings. Additionally, you can find top shelf wine and spirits to build your own “bar cart” at home, all the while receiving guidance from owners Chris and Kacie Griffith as they educate you about what you about what you need! Visit them online or on their socials: FB ( and IG: (

Holiday Gift Guide 2021 (SHOP SMALL, Y’ALL!)

Photo credit: Facebook

  • For the Fine Art Lover:
    1. A truly unique gift, surprise the art lover in your life by turning THEM into a completely customized piece of art that will be handed down for generations to come! Award-winning fine art portrait photographer Jenn Gershon (Bucks County, PA), creates completely customized, highly innovative portraits that will be sure to make an excellent gift for even the most challenging person to buy for on your list. For more information, check out Ms. Gershon’s Facebook page ( and IG: (

Holiday Gift Guide 2021 (SHOP SMALL, Y’ALL!)

Photo credit: Jennifer Gershon

  • For the Kids:
    1. A brand-new business created by a toddler mom, The Freckled Fawn boutique features stunning, cuddly, and child-safe handmade toys and play sets created with a Montesorri learn-through-play vibe. Featuring free shipping on all orders as well as play ideas for kids, this is one small business that anyone with littles (or buying presents for littles!) will definitely want to support. In addition to checking out their website, The Freckled Fawn is on FB ( and IG (

Holiday Gift Guide 2021 (SHOP SMALL, Y’ALL!)

Photo credit: Facebook

  • For the Man in Your Life:
    1. This amazing small business (located at 608 Penn Avenue in West Reading, PA) has a little bit of everything: handmade soaps, lotions, bath bombs, children’s products, etc. I highlight them here for the men in your life, however, because of their own line of all-natural men’s products: soaps, beard oil, shave oil and lotion, and more! Did I mention that everything is vegan friendly and all natural? For more information, visit their socials: FB ( and IG (
No photo description available.
  • For Someone who Needs Pampering:
    1. The perfect gift for anyone on your list, a gift certificate to a service at a local spa run by a small business owner is a foolproof choice. Being a Berks County local, I LOVE European Medical Massage and Spa, located in Shillington, PA. Your giftee can choose from an incredible spa menu--facials, massages, reflexology, and so much more--and they are guaranteed to enjoy working with such a warm and inviting staff. Check out their FB ( and IG (

Holiday Gift Guide 2021 (SHOP SMALL, Y’ALL!)

10 Other Small Business Gift Ideas you can Purchase No Matter Where you Live:

  1.  Purchase a gift certificate for a family member from a photographer who is local to them so that they can have professional family pictures taken. 
  2. Go to your nearest small town and browse the eclectic boutiques you find--you will be sure to find something for someone on your list!
  3. Get a gift certificate to a local restaurant (non-chain)
  4. Pamper the ladies you love with a day of beauty--purchase a gift card from a local makeup artist so that they can get their makeup done for a special event!
  5. Find a local craft fair (there are usually tons around the holidays), and purchase some fun, handmade items for the people on your list. 
  6. Pre-pay a babysitter who is local to a loved one so that they can have a night out.
  7. Purchase a class run by a small business owner (wine tasting or wine making, painting, dance classes etc.) to give as a gift. 
  8. Create a gift basket full of lovely things from local boutiques/stores/farmers markets to showcase many of the amazing things your area has to offer.
  9. Purchase an advertisement for your loved one’s business in a local publication.

...and finally…

  1. Look and see what those on your list really need. Babysitting...home cooked cleaning...tutoring for their kids...if you are in a financial position, help with name it. Look within yourself and your skill set to see what you can bless others with this holiday season. 

Sending lots of love...and happy shopping!


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Halloween 2021: 4 EASY DIY Costume Ideas you can Make it in a Snap!

Halloween 2021: 4 EASY DIY Costume Ideas you can Make it in a Snap!
Halloween 2021: 4 EASY DIY Costume Ideas you can Make it in
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It's incredibly hard for me to believe that there is only a week left of my absolute favorite month of the year. October always comes so slowly and goes so quickly for me!
Over the next week I'm going to be very busy making my daughter's Halloween costume (she wants to be ice cream this year...haha). For this blog post, I'm going to share some of my favorite ideas for simple, DIY Halloween costumes that you can make yourself with items you most likely have lying around your home! Side note: these are actual costumes that I have done in the past :)
Halloween 2021: 4 EASY DIY Costume Ideas you can Make it in
Image credit: disappointed I couldn't find the actual photo I had of myself rocking this costume!
So...honest question...who DOESN'T have a closet full of bridesmaid dresses just hanging around? One of my very favorite (and super easy costumes) was taking an old bridesmaid dress, a garter, and a bouquet of fake flowers, and creating an entire costume out of the whole "bridesmaid who caught the bouquet" trope. People thought it was hilarious--as one person said, "That moment when your life becomes a Halloween costume". Bonus? If you actually don't have a bridesmaid dress hanging in your closet, you can almost definitely always find one at Goodwill for a few bucks, OR you can use an old prom dress!
80s Workout Girl
Halloween 2021: 4 EASY DIY Costume Ideas you can Make it in
Halloween 2021: 4 EASY DIY Costume Ideas you can Make it in
Halloween 2021: 4 EASY DIY Costume Ideas you can Make it in
Photos courtesy of my daughter's adorableness and my ridiculous duck lips
The EASIEST costume you will ever DIY? 80s workout chic (I mean, chick!). All you need is a pair of leggings, a leotard (or one piece swimsuit), a loose-fitting sweatshirt (bonus if it is cropped!), sneakers, and leg warmers. Don't own any legwarmers? Simple--cut the toes off a pair of socks, and pull them up over your leggings, then tuck the cut-off ends into the tops of your sneakers (which is exactly what I did for my adorable toddler daughter's costume above). Don't forget to tease your hair like crazy and add some super colorful eye makeup--then tie your hair up in a side pony, pop on a sweatband a la' Olivia Newton John in the original Physical video, and party on!
Pageant Winner
Halloween 2021: 4 EASY DIY Costume Ideas you can Make it in
This classic photo of me epically pulling off this costume back in college (notice that the sash says 2008!) featuring my friend Megan Reigner, and my natural hair color
Welcome to yet another fabulously easy costume--pageant winner! Grab any formal dress you have (old prom dress? Awesome. Bridesmaid dress hanging in your closet? Score. Goodwill haul? Amazing), create a sash out of a wide ribbon, and add a party store tiara to complete the look. Don't forget some epic makeup (eyelashes are a must!), and a cheesy acceptance speech to really pull the costume off!
Halloween 2021: 4 EASY DIY Costume Ideas you can Make it in
One of my favorite DIY Halloween costumes to date. Fun fact--I was pregnant with my daughter here! Also, this was a Walking Dead themed party--hence why my husband is dressed as Negan with his infamous bat, Lucille. 
Get ready for the comfiest, easy, and most entitled costume you will ever create. Welcome to the Millennial, a costume near and dear to my heart. Pair faux leather leggings with an oversized tunic and OTK boots, then accessorize with large sunnies, a hat, a huge shopping bag, and of course a camera for selfies. Bonus points if you include a Starbucks cup as part of the costume. Get ready to irritate Boomers every time you say "Hashtag #Halloween2021!"
There you have it, friends! Four of my favorite DIY Halloween costumes I've done over the years. Funny story, one of my favorite costumes was one I called "Breakfast at Tiffany's"--I put my hair in a bun and wore a fancy black dress, then carried a Tiffany bag in one hand and a big box of breakfast cereal in the other. I thought I was mad clever, but few people got it. Pride goes before a fall I guess, haha! 
Do you have any favorite costumes you have created over the years? Comment below!
I hope that you all have a safe, wonderful, and Happy Halloween, and talk to you soon!
-Em <3
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Well Folks, it's finally here...

The most magical season of all...

Where the weather isn't too hot or too cold, it's just perfect...

When the bugs die...

When the crisp nights lend themselves spectacularly to bonfires, twinkling lights, and time with loved ones...

It's finally FALL!


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Anyone who knows me knows that I literally wait all year long for this season (specifically the month of October). I hate being hot, I don't love being cold...but being a bit chilly? Well, in the words of Goldilocks..."That's just right". 

One of the things that I love the most about this magical season? The clothes, of course! We have some amazing pieces at TCC right now (available both online and at The Mercantile in Doylestown), so read on to see some of my favorite picks for this year. 

Emily's Fall 2021 TCC Clothing Guide
This stunning top is the ultimate Fall piece--somehow both glam and cozy-chic, try pairing this lacy sweater with your favorite jeans and boots for an understated, brunch-ready Fall ensemble. 
How incredible are these fun jeans? From the trendy fit and cropped length, to the cute buffalo plaid patches peeking through, these holiday-perfect jeans will take you from the pumpkin patch to the Christmas tree farm with ease. 
I'm absolutely crazy about this dress--it's sexy, flirty, and so feminine at the same time. I envision this paired with tights or leggings, over the knee stiletto boots, and some fabulous earrings--possibly a fedora for some added pizzaz! This dress is definitely the ultimate Fall date-night choice. 
Looking to update your work wardrobe this Fall? This awesome blouse is the perfect choice! Try pairing with your favorite work slacks or skirt from TCC. 
If you need the ultimate sexy-chic layering piece to take you from Fall to Christmas, this stunning cami is the one for you! The velvety red color and lacy trim will look flirty peeking from underneath your favorite sweaters and jackets no matter the occasion. 
I'm absolutely in love with this sweater--the trendy hi-lo hem and the fun asymmetrical buttons will compliment all of your favorite bottoms. Try pairing with your favorite faux leather leggings and boots for a look that will be both comfortable and stunning!
Who doesn't love a good lounge set (#quarantinechic)? This sexy leopard print lounge set is sure to be a new favorite--grab one for yourself this Fall, and snag a few extra to give as holiday gifts for your loved ones!
My FAVORITE part of my Fall wardrobe? Faux leather jackets, baby. I have a red one from TCC last Fall that I just adore, and this funky mustard colored one in this year's collection just screams AUTUMN LEAVES to me. 
While we have quite a few waffle knit tops at TCC, I have a soft spot for the ones we carry with thumbholes! My hands are always so cold in the Fall/Winter that they often crack and bleed, so tops that also keep my hands warm? Sold!
There you have it, everyone! Some of my favorite finds for your wardrobe from TCC this Fall. 
To end this month's blog post, I just wanted to remind everyone to consider shopping small as you search for gifts for everyone on your list this year. Small businesses have struggled so much over the last (almost) two years due to the pandemic, so please try to support small business owners when you can. 
Sending lots of love for a glorious Fall--and Happy Halloween to all!
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