Beat the Heat--How to Make Your Favorite Beauty Looks Survive Summer!

Beat the Heat--How to Make Your Favorite Beauty Looks Survive Summer!

Ok ladies...we've all been there.

The temperatures start soaring, and next thing you know, your carefully applied makeup is sliding down your face like a downhill skier trying to win a gold medal. 

So, how does a glamour girl keep her cool when the weather is anything but?

Below, find my favorite tips, tricks, and products to help you beat the heat in style :)

Less is more

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The absolute LAST thing you want to do in the summer is layer--from clothes to makeup products, less is absolutely more. In the same way you leave your sweaters, jackets, and long pants at home once the temperatures start to soar, you should be doing the same with your cool-weather makeup products such as heavier foundations, thick lipsticks, and creamy eyeshadows. 

Biggest summer beauty tip? Invest in a solid skin care routine (it's totally OK if you don't know what that is! Try looking for a professional aesthetician in your area!). The skin is the largest organ in your body, so make sure that you are taking care of it as much as possible...please, don't put makeup on your face until you've taken care of your skin first with a skin care routine that is tailored to the specific needs of your skin. If your skin looks good, you naturally need less makeup, and NOBODY (I mean nobody) wants a cake face on a hot summer day!

For your face: Try switching out your heavy winter foundation for a BB or CC creme with SPF to smooth out your complexion, or simply dab on concealer where needed and top off the look with a dusting of a sheer sunscreen powder. Also, consider investing in a sunless tanner for your face and body--not only will it give you a (safe) summer glow, the tan will cover imperfections and allow you to get away with less makeup on your face! 

*Please note: You should ALWAYS use some type of SPF on your face, not just in summer! Please, please, please make sure that you keep your skin healthy and protected! If you tend to have oily skin, you may want to consider also topping your look with a spritz of a mattifying makeup setting spray*

Beat the Heat--How to Make Your Favorite Beauty Looks

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Beat the Heat--How to Make Your Favorite Beauty Looks

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For your eyes: Skip the eyeshadow and focus on lashes--long, thick, lush lashes will make your gorgeous eyes pop without any need for any other eye makeup. 

Stick to waterproof mascaras in the summer--no one wants the humidity (or a quick dive in the pool) to result in a look that is less casual glam, more "I was up crying at rom coms all night"! If you REALLY want to go all-out glam, you can pop a strip of falsies on with a strong adhesive (or even better--support a local small business and get lash extensions!), but again...less is more in the summer. A really great mascara with a lengthening and thickening formula will be all you need most days.

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*Note: Patrice Williams, an incredible traveling makeup artist in PA (mu8bypatrice.com), also does incredible lash extensions at Salon Settore in Pottstown, PA. This photo is from one of her clients!*

For an excellent mascara that won't break the bank, grab Essence's Lash Princess Waterproof mascara at your local Ulta or pharmacy (it's just under $5, and delivers the same drama as much pricier options!)

Beat the Heat--How to Make Your Favorite Beauty Looks

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For your lips: You won't want a heavy, creamy lipstick in the summer--instead, focus on finding a long-lasting lip stain, then top that with a tinted lip balm with SPF for a natural lip look that will beat the heat!

Beat the Heat--How to Make Your Favorite Beauty Looks

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Beat the Heat--How to Make Your Favorite Beauty Looks

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Consider a portable cooling device

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If you REALLY want to make sure you stay cool and that your makeup doesn't melt away (and if you want something that will definitely add to your glam, extra-ness as a person), try investing in a portable cooling device of some kind. There are many different ones on the market, such as handheld fans, but the hands-free device above (just check out the Amazon reviews for the TORRAS Bladeless Neck Fan) will ensure that your makeup stays on point on even the hottest and most humid of summer days...and still leave your hands free to hold a cool drink!


Never, ever, EVER leave your makeup in the car!

Beat the Heat--How to Make Your Favorite Beauty Looks

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A couple weeks ago, during one of our most recent heat waves, I made a rookie mistake--I left a Burt's Bees chapstick in my car. As I was on my way somewhere, I grabbed it to moisturize my lips...only to have them coated with a blob of warm wax instead of a slick of hydrating balm. Silly me, I forgot one of the cardinal rules of summer beauty...

Never leave your makeup products in the car!

Unless you have a burning desire to have your pricey products melt into oblivion, never leave your makeup bag (or any makeup or skincare products you carry with you in your purse!) in a hot car. Not only will they not work well for you anymore, you risk having the products melt all over your purse, car upholstery...and your hands when you go to grab the products without realizing that they have melted (it's a BLEAH situation, I assure you!). 


There you have it, friends. A few tips (and a few of my favorite products) for natural Summer beauty that will outlast the heat and humidity! Pair your look with any of TCC's gorgeous summer tanks, shorts, or dresses, and you can be sure that you will have a look that will take you anywhere in style and comfort!


Until next time, stay cool!


-Em <3

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