Life is a Runway: The Official TCC Beauty Blog

Life is a Runway: The Official TCC Beauty Blog


Life is a Runway: The Official TCC Beauty Blog

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Hi there! My name is Emily. I have been a part of the TCC family since 2018, when I stumbled across our previous brick-and-mortar location, my then two month old (now two YEAR old) baby girl strapped to my chest. I quickly fell in love with the concept of the store--designer clothing, all brand new with tags still attached, sold for thrift-store prices! I like to say I walked into TCC and never left.

I figured I would start out this blog with a brief introduction; a “why you should trust me to give you fashion and beauty advice” bio, if you will. 

Well, I can honestly say if I had looked ahead as a kid in the 90’s and seen that I would be writing a fashion blog, I would have had two major questions:

  1. What the heck is a blog (90’s, remember?)
  2. Um….me?!?!

Growing up, fashion was not my strong point. I had glasses by the age of 9, dressed myself in a selection of carefully thrifted garage-sale couture items, and...did I mention?...I was also homeschooled. This was a flawless educational experience that I can’t wait to try with my own daughter, but I never had to worry about what I looked like. What I lacked in style, I made up for with an abundance in quirk--I was obsessed with Shakespeare, opera (I was a trained singer as a teen), Lord of the Rings, and math. By age sixteen, I might not have been able to pick A&F out of a lineup, but gosh darn it if I couldn’t sing in Elvish and complete college courses in Precalculus and Calculus while still in highschool. While I certainly remember thinking that the height of glam and fashion dwelt somewhere within the Lord of the Rings creators’ costume closet (I mean...those dresses though, right ladies?), I do recall a yearning to be beautiful; to be seen as beautiful, and to understand the ins and outs of fashion. 

Fast forward to college--after being genuinely flattered when I was mistaken for a scheduled model on my college campus while waiting for my then-boyfriend to pick me up for a date--I decided to go for it and applied to model in a Penn State fashion show. I was accepted, made my runway debut, and started modeling for local photographers. I did this as a hobby, as my main profession was teaching. I began modeling more professionally in 2019 when I signed with LOOK Models and Actors Agency in Doylestown, though I still do quite a bit of freelance work (in fact, I honestly prefer it). I have vast writing experience as well; I’ve written a novel (currently being edited), and am a freelance reporter for Berks Weekly. Oh, and I’m a professional princess (yes, really), through a volunteer organization I started in 2015 (more on that later), and a pageant contestant/beauty queen. If you want to know a bit more about me, feel free to visit my personal webpage and online portfolio at emilykenniston.portfoliobox.net.

So...what is my vision for this blog?

I want this to be a place where I can share tips, trends, and beauty advice, a skill that I have carefully curated over the last decade plus of my life. I want it to be a place where you can feel free to ask questions and get answers; a place where you feel encouraged and as beautiful as God created you to be. 

I also want it to be a place of fun--of laughter, of lightness, and of inner beauty--because, let’s face it, 2020 has royally sucked. We need something gorgeous in our lives right now. 

So, that’s it folks, that’s a bit about me. Next up I’ll be posting about summer-to-fall fashion and beauty trends (I LOVE products and clothes that easily make the transition!), and I would love to hear your questions, if you have any. 

Remember, my beauties, that life is YOUR runway. Strut it all day long, in the way that only you can. 



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