Season-less Beauty--Wardrobe Staples Every Girl Needs for Year-Round Style (or, the Lazy Girl’s Guide to Never Cleaning Your Closet)

Season-less Beauty--Wardrobe Staples Every Girl Needs for Year-Round Style (or, the Lazy Girl’s Guide to Never Cleaning Your Closet)
By: Emily Fitzpatrick Kenniston

The older I get, the more clearly I’m learning that there are two distinct types of people in the world...no, no, I don’t mean Republicans and Democrats. I’m talking about the controversy that really matters; that truly polarizes people. 

I mean those who love Summer and want it to always be warm, and those who wait eagerly for all the Fall things. 

What about Winter and Spring, Emily? You may be thinking to yourself as you hang upon each of my words with bated breath (ha, ha). Interestingly enough, I don’t know too many people (or ANY people for that matter) who would choose either of those two seasons as their favorite one--my friends list is pretty much composed of Team Summer and Team Fall. It’s a battle as old as time; as hotly contested as dogs vs. cats; coffee vs. tea. 

Can you guess which of the two camps I fall into (get it...FALL into?)

Unlike our fearless leader Marni, I’m almost never cold, so the heat of summer is absolute torture for me--I pretty much hibernate inside as much as possible, blessing the inventor of the air conditioner with love in my heart. I spend every month of summer longing for Fall: Daytime temperatures that never top 70 degrees (with no humidity), gorgeous trees, cool nights that just beg for a bonfire, and spooky season (not to mention the tantalizing promise of all of the holidays) right around the corner...and the fact that bugs (the horror!) finally descend back to the shadows from whence they came. When you spend your entire summer shouting a Gandalf-like “You shall not pass!” to every bug that comes your way (was that a murder hornet? A big bee? My husband’s quarantine hair doing a Rapunzel spiral into the yard?!), you look for the end of all that deeply. 

However, with the end of each season, every woman is faced with the same dilemma: A closet full of clothes that are no longer reflective of the changing temperatures outside. 

I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up, I remember my mom switching out my winter and summer wardrobes (it should be noted that I didn’t inherit my mom’s incredible domestic talents, much to my poor husband’s chagrin). I, however, never end up doing this myself, because I’ve found that there are a few staple pieces that should take precedence in every woman’s wardrobe to ensure a seamless transition from season to season (and...because I’m a lazy housewife). 

So, folks, here are my style staple recommendations for every girl’s wardrobe that you can wear year-round with some creative layering and accessorizing. All of these essentials are available online at thecuratedcloset.net! 

Wardrobe Staples for Season-less Style

  1. Basic V Neck Tanks in neutral colors (I recommend white, black, and tan/nude): V neck tanks are literally impossible to mess up. I recommend choosing ones with a slightly relaxed fit (like this one: https://thecuratedcloset.net/products/8748-bow-shoulder-top?variant=32278997893207), as they are flattering to every body type. Not only is a basic tank cool enough to wear on its own during the summer months, tanks are an effortless staple to wear until your favorite cardigans, jackets, and blazers as the weather cools down outside. 
  2. Jeans: A great-fitting pair of jeans is like the perfect man: sexy, flattering, and confidence-boosting. They are also essential for every season because they are so easy to dress up or down. I LOVE this pair from Enjean, sold at TCC: (https://thecuratedcloset.net/products/8254-enjean-tuxedo-stripe-jeans?variant=15478378135639)
  3. LBD: An LBD is an essential piece of a woman’s wardrobe--from the office to date night to a more formal event, it’s simply never a wrong choice. It’s also a comfortable choice when temperatures soar, and easy to pair with tights and a jackets once it becomes cool again. This dress (sleeveless, V neck, knee length) is my style of choice: https://thecuratedcloset.net/products/7448-laundry-by-shelli-segal-classy-lbd?variant=1219156289135
  4. Cardigans/Blazers/Jackets: Obviously any of the above work great to keep you warm once it’s cold outside, BUT I also recommend keeping these items in your closet year-round to carry with you to work/a restaurant/etc. You never know when you’ll exit the blazing inferno that is the outdoors, only to enter into the arctic blast of someone’s air conditioner (I’m the person who likes things to be arctic at all times as I rarely get cold). This Guess blazer is a perfect example: https://thecuratedcloset.net/products/w83n18_g7o1?variant=31286528016471
  5. Long-Sleeved V neck tee: Easy to layer, breathable fabric, and great on its own, a long-sleeved tee is a truly seasonless essential. My personal favorites tend to come from Old Navy or Target
  6. Dressy camisole: Glamorous, pairs with everything from pants to skirts, sexy, and yet suitable for work under a blazer, these types of tops are some of my favorites. TCC has a great one this year: https://thecuratedcloset.net/collections/spring-20/products/8725-cowl-neck-cami?variant=32272189390935

    You’ll notice I didn’t list my essential all-year SHOES on this post...I don’t think we have that much time :) 

    There you have it folks, my fail-proof pieces that never leave my closet. Though I’m sure my mom would beg to disagree, I think it makes sense to only keep pieces in there that I don’t have to rotate constantly (being the mom of a busy two-year-old might also have something to do with my reluctance). 

    As always, send any questions or comments my way. I’d love to hear from you (or turn you into a feature...you never know. No one is safe with us writers…)

    Now, if you will excuse me, I’ve heard that Starbucks and Dunkin’ have both debuted their PSLs (or Pumpkin Spice Lattes for you non-believers) for 2020...maybe the best thing to come from this insane year...and I think at long last, it’s time. 

    ‘Til next time, stay beautiful, and remember that life is YOUR runway. 



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