My Favorite Spring Beauty 2021 Trends

My Favorite Spring Beauty 2021 Trends

Spring has FINALLY sprung (buh-bye, Winter!), and I'm sure I'm not the only person out here delighted to FINALLY be able to break out my favorite Spring clothes (hellooooooo, skirts, blouses, and open-toe shoes!!). It's a magical season of beautiful temperatures (I love Fall and Spring the best because of the gorgeous mix of not-too-hot and not-too-cold weather), glorious flowers, and a general feeling of rebirth.

My Favorite Spring Beauty 2021 Trends My Favorite Spring Beauty 2021 Trends

However, there's something that I love even more than gorgeous Spring clothes...and that is SPRING BEAUTY. 

While cold-weather beauty tends to revolve around brighter colors (silver eyeshadow and a red lip for Holiday parties anyone?) and more layers of hydrating base makeup, once the weather finally gets warmer, you are freed about to let your beautiful natural skin shine through and focus on a more natural beauty look. 

Keep reading to see some of my favorite tips, trends, and products for a glorious, natural Spring glow:

1. Skincare

I'm a firm believer that the single most important thing that you can do for your beauty routine is to focus on good skincare. EVERYONE'S skin is so drastically different, so I highly recommend visiting a dermatologist to determine your skin's needs, and (if you can afford it), a great aesthetician for regular facials (full disclosure: I can't afford this, but it's on my bucket list. I have a friend who regularly visits her aesthetician for facials. Let's just say that she has a 20 year old daughter, and they look like sisters, not mother and daughter). Always remember that, while makeup is awesome, it only looks as good as the skin you put it on! I personally love Dermalogica products (I use the Age Bright Clearing system regularly, along with a Neutrogena grapefruit cleanser). 

And remember--NEVER got to bed with your makeup on!

2. Base

My Favorite Spring Beauty 2021 Trends

Image credit: prevention.com

Leave your heavy foundation behind with Winter's chill. Once your skin is cleaned and prepped, let it shine as much as possible with a natural base! I personally apply a bit of concealer where needed (and to be honest, most days, that is is), but if I want to go all out, I like adding a translucent sunscreen powder to mattify my face and blend everything together. BB or CC creams with SPF (look for 30 or more!) are also good options to let your natural beauty shine through

3. Glow


My Favorite Spring Beauty 2021 Trends

Image credit: glamourbrands.com.pk

Warm-weather beauty is all about natural, glowing skin. What better way to enhance your gorgeous natural glow than add a pop of contoured color to enhance your cheekbones? I love NARS blush in the universally flattering shade "Orgasm" (see above on different skin tones). I also love adding a bit of warmth underneath my cheekbones and a pearlescent highlighter on the very tops of them to add dimension to my cheeks. 

My Favorite Spring Beauty 2021 Trends

Please ignore how absolutely and utterly ridiculous I look in this photo! This is a great example of how I sculpt my cheeks to create a glow (this look using Temptu airbrush contour, blush, and highlighter)

4. Lips

My Favorite Spring Beauty 2021 Trends

Image credit: revlon.com

Anyone else realllllllly enjoy wearing lip gloss...you know, until we had to wear masks everywhere? What's the solution for hydrated lips that are also bursting with color that won't fade?

Why, a Balm Stain of course (like this gorgeous and affordable option from Revlon). A balm stain packs a one-two punch: your lips stay soft and hydrated, while you get a saturated color that won't quit (and won't rub off all over your mask). 

5. Eyes

My Favorite Spring Beauty 2021 TrendsImage credit: cloud10beauty.com

When you are focused on a natural glow everywhere else, my absolute favorite way to add some fun drama is...glitter! Maybe it's the former preschool teacher and current pageant girl in me, but I'm firmly of the mindset that everything is better with glitter. A pop of glitter eyeshadow is all you need to boost your look up a couple of levels, without even having to use much at all. 

Also--don't forget your lashes! I often will wear only concealer and mascara (or add lashes), but investing in an awesome mascara to lengthen and thicken your lashes (I love Lash Princess by Essence...for only about $5, it far outperforms even the most expensive mascaras I've used previously). I also highly recommend supporting a local small business in your area by investing in lash extensions or a lash lift and tint--extensions are the most amazing way to make sure that your beauty routine is as low maintenance as it can be. I plan on getting a set next week prior to the pageant, and am so excited to be able to not worry about wearing mascara for awhile!


What are some of your favorite warm-weather beauty trends, tips and products? Comment below!


Have a gorgeous week, friends, and see you next time, 


--Em <3


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