TCC Pageant Takeover!

TCC Pageant Takeover!

Hey all!

So the weekend that I've been waiting for all year long is FINALLY here...PAGEANT WEEKEND 2021!

And this year, since my evening gown is straight from TCC (and let me tell you something...it's even more gorgeous than my wedding dress!), I'll be hosting a TCC behind-the-scenes takeover on our IG stories--make sure that you are following us at @curatedcloset_ on Instagram so you don't miss any of the fun!

Have you always been curious about what a real pageant is like backstage, beyond the stage lights and the cameras? Has anything you know about pageants in general come straight from Miss Congeniality? If so, read on for some fun behind-the-scenes info from yours truly. 

  • Pageants (especially pageant contestants!) are nothing like what I expected. 

I think that the biggest misconception about pageantry--especially the women that compete in pageants!--is that everyone is pretty shallow, pretty fake, and pretty self-absorbed. I have found these misconceptions to be entirely inaccurate. I can honestly say that I've met nastier women at schools where I worked when I was a teacher (the stories I could tell...) than I have through pageantry. The women I have met through the International Pageant system are most certainly beautiful, but I can say that each and every one of them possess an inner beauty that rivals their appearance. I've never met a group of such consistently intelligent, ethical, and amazingly kind women in one place in my life. Everyone helps everyone else out (need to borrow earrings/makeup/etc? They got you. Need help lacing the corset of your dress? No problem), and is just there for everyone else in general throughout the year (that's the beauty of it; most of us get to know one another online prior to the actual pageant). 

May be an image of 10 people, including Danielle M Bonura, Heather Clough, Gretchen Connor and Linda O'Boyle Zaneski

Tearing up the dance floor with some amazing friends in June 2020

Image credit: Richard Krauss


  • A. LOT. goes into pageant prep...and it all adds up QUICKLY

And, I'll be VERY honest...I don't do/can't afford to do most of it. From pageant coaching leading up to the pageant, to wardrobe, to personal prep (makeup, hair, nails, etc.), not to mention the hotel stay and registration fees, it's absolutely an investment. However, I look at it this way: for me, this is my type of competition, and that makes it worth investing in (even if I'm rocking an Irish tan instead of a spray tan this year). 

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Selfie last year from after interviews, but prior to rehearsal and the pageant itself--definitely relieved to have the interview portion of the morning done!

  • Every pageant system is different

I had no idea until I started to compete in pageantry that there were SO many different systems! I love being a part of the International pageant system--as previously mentioned, the women are empowering and kind, the directors are awesome, and I love the fact that instead of a swimsuit competition, this pageant system features a fitness wear portion. 

May be an image of text that says 'Mis. Reading International 2021 Emily Heaniston'

  • It's some of the most fun I've ever had in my life

I still remember the first time that I wanted to compete in a pageant--I was 17, and my family had just moved to PA. We received a brochure for a Miss Pennsylvania competition, and I just KNEW it was something that I needed to try someday. For me, it's not about winning--it's about enjoying the experience to the fullest, blessing others, and meeting some incredible friends. 

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Image: Richard Krauss


Well folks, got to dash--we leave tomorrow and there is still SO much to do to get ready. Wish me luck this weekend, and remember to stay tuned for our IG LIVE TCC Pageant Takeover special!



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