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Self-Care is NOT Selfish: New Year, New Goals, Same (Amazing) You!

Self-Care is NOT Selfish: New Year, New Goals, Same (Amazing) You!

Hi Everyone!

It's been a minute, but I'm so glad to be back!

I hope that everyone had a truly wonderful holiday season, and that everyone is (so far) enjoying their new year. Let's be real: I don't think any of us were sad to see 2020 go, am I right?

With each new year comes the almost inevitable setting of a series of new goals. We've all done it I'm sure: the ball drops, confetti flies, and as champagne bubbles cascade down our throats we cheer, "This year, I'm going to ______". Whatever your ______ happens to be, it's most likely something that is wildly important to you. 

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So...my question is...how come these goals we set rarely seem to last longer than it takes that big, shiny ball in NYC to drop?

My theory, and I'm sure it's not original, is simply this: we set goals that are too stringent (often after a holiday season full of overindulgence--it's so much easier to push off willpower to the next month) to actually go through with successfully.


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Personally, I set several goals for myself last year. Guess how many I actually achieved?


Want to know why?

Well, when I set those goals, I hadn't accounted for several things that were absolutely out of my control. I certainly didn't think the news reports I was hearing about some new virus was going to turn into a full-blown global pandemic, and I certainly didn't see some upsetting family news coming either. Let's just say, I adjusted my goals as I saw fit to the get through the year. 

You want to know something? I'm OK with that. 

What I want to share with you is something I learned prominently over the last few years, both as a mother and just as a person in general. 

It's OK if your biggest goal of the year is simply summed up in two words: 

Self. Care. 

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Self care is actually the opposite of selfish. See, here's the thing: you can't actually follow through with new goals--much less serve others around you--if you are trying to do so from an empty tank. Much like you need to put your own oxygen mask on before putting one on another person if you are on a plane that's going down, you have to make sure to take care of yourself enough that you can help others. 


So, my challenge to you is this as we launch into, God-willing, a brighter year. 

Don't set resolutions that you can't keep, and therefore set yourself up for failure and depression. Instead, set a goal to take care of yourself--mentally, physically, and spiritually--and then, stand back and watch the other goals follow. 

Sending lots of love for a happy and healthy New Year!




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