Glorious Galentine's Day!

Glorious Galentine's Day!

What do you think of when the month of February finally starts to crest over the horizon of a bleak, cold, and seemingly endless January? 

Perhaps flowers, chocolates, champagne, jewelry, and all sizes of pink and red hearts start to fill your vision as you anticipate Valentine's Day rolling around once again. 

What's even BETTER than Valentine's Day you ask?

Why...Galentine's Day, of course!

Galentine's Day, a term coined by the character Leslie Knope in the ever popular show Parks and Recreation has become something of a cultural phenomenon in the last few years. Traditionally celebrated on February 13, Galentine's Day is the perfect day to celebrate the wonderful women in your life. 

Who needs a man when you have your girlfriends? (Sorry husband). 

Of course, as with everything else this year, Galentine's Day is bound to look a bit different. However, whether you decide to bundle up and celebrate with your ladies outdoors in a socially distanced fashion, or do a Zoom Happy Hour together, here are some great ideas for spoiling the ladies in your life this year!


How to Spoil Your Girlfriends for Galentine's Day

  • Send Flowers

 Glorious Galentine’s Day!

Image credit: giftjaipur.com

It's a classic of course, but why not send your bestie some flowers? EVERYONE loves receiving them! Pro tip: order ahead of time, not the day before (even if they say "same day delivery") to ensure they get there in time!

  • Surprise them with a piece of keepsake jewelry

Glorious Galentine’s Day!

Image credit: sincerelygingerjewelry.com

Jewelry is my love language, as I think I've mentioned before. Why not surprise your bestie with a keepsake piece of handmade jewelry, thereby making her feel like a million bucks, AND supporting a small business? This adorable purple topaz stacking ring from Philly jewelry Sincerely Ginger Jewelry (also comes in blue topaz, yellow topaz, and green topaz) is under $200. Why not get one for BOTH you and your friend so that you can have matching friendship rings...but, like, the adult version with REAL 14 K gold and gemstones!

  • Send them a surprise from The Curated Closet--like a StitchFix box, but better

Glorious Galentine’s Day!

Image Credit: Lindsey Hart Photography

At TCC, we have some INCREDIBLY gorgeous clothes for INSANELY low prices! This wine-colored vegan leather jacket is one of my FAVORITE pieces we have ever had, and the color makes it the perfect choice to rock for Galentine's Day

  • Leave a specially tailored gift basket on their doorstep, then ring and run!
Glorious Galentine’s Day!

Image credit: wallpapers9.org
Want to really surprise your best friend this year? Fill up a basket with all of their favorite things--wine, coffee, tea, chocolates, etc.--then leave it in front of their door with a cute card, ring the doorbell, run, then watch their face as they open their amazing surprise! Just in case anyone was wondering, I'm a size large bottle of Pino Noir, and I can also fit white gold with any kind of gemstones in a pinch--you know, just in case you wanted to put together a basket for me :)
  • Sign them up for a special subscription (Ipsy, wine, etc.)
Glorious Galentine’s Day!
Image credit: hellosubscription.com
What's better than one Galentine's Day gift? One that keeps on giving every month, of course! For under $20/month, you can surprise that special friend in your life with an amazing subscription box of treats tailored just for her every month. There are so many different options too, depending on what she likes! Cosmetics, clothing, wine, etc., all have monthly subscription boxes for that special friend in your life. 

  • Send an e-gift card

All you need is her email address, your credit card, and voila--a pick me up delivered straight to your Galentine's inbox!

*Hint: We offer gift cards at thecuratedcloset.net too!

  • Socially distanced celebration--or, Zoom Happy Hour

Glorious Galentine’s Day!

Image credit: www.zazzle.co.uk

We all know the drill by now--we have to stay safe to get through this pandemic. However, there are still several ways that you can celebrate Galentine's Day WITH your Galentine(s)--just be careful, and be creative! Whether you have a Zoom mimosa party, bundle up and grab lattes outdoors, or don TCC's sparkly face masks and do an event, like painting ceramics, close enough to chat but sitting at different tables, try to think of it NOT as a bummer, but as a way to exercise your creative side to see your ladies!

  • Spend a time planning a girl's weekend--you know, for once all this pandemic stuff is finally over

Glorious Galentine’s Day!

Let's face it: I think we are ALL planning "once this is all over" trips, either for real or just in our heads. Why not spend some time this Galentine's Day chatting with your friends and planning together to make this dream a reality? I, personally, am looking forward to an AirBnB in the Adirondacks, with a huge lake and towering pine trees, and where it's so cool even in the dead of summer that we can sit around a bonfire outside at night. 


  • Make a memory book or box

Glorious Galentine’s Day!

Image credit: sheknows.com


One of the most amazing gifts I ever received came from my friend Lindsey Hart (fun fact: our friendship celebrates it's 15 year anniversary this Fall. Lindz was the first friend I ever made my freshman year of college!). When I got married, Lindsey found this awesome box shaped like a book, and filled the whole thing with photos of us from all of our years of friendship. It's something I treasure, and my whole family loves looking through it. 

Why not create something like this to really move your friends? Create a memory box/book or scrapbook with pictures of all of your time together, along with handwritten funny memories/moments. Trust me, she will love it!


There you have it guys, TCC's official guide to an awesome Galentine's Day 2021! We've all needed our girlfriends to get through this last year, so why not take this opportunity to celebrate her as much as possible. 


Sending lots of love and happy Galentine's Day wishes from my heart to yours, 


-Em <3

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